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a private and personalized off-line upscale matchmaking service

About Us

Therese Forton-Barnes and Lisa Brydges, Co-founders

Therese (Tee) is an event planner in Buffalo, New York and on the side has worked on matchmaking with friends. She has successfully matched multiple couples who later married. She has also assisted some professional athletes with matchmaking as well and assisted with their weddings. For over 30 years she has had a successful event and wedding planning business. Once Matchmaking 2 a Tee is successful in helping you find your true love, she can also help guide you in your marriage plans! Therese also has some good ideas for first dates taking the pressure off of you.

Lisa is a wife, mother of five, and native of Western NY. She has an uncanny, sixth sense when it comes to setting people up for the best chance of experiencing real, undeniable love, and has been doing so for decades. If you find it difficult to make room in your life to navigate the path to finding a lasting and meaningful relationship, you'll be fortunate to have Lisa as your guide.

What we offer

Matchmaking 2 a Tee is a a private and personalized off-line upscale matchmaking service. Unlike online dating, we thoroughly hand-select and screen each introduction we make based on your preferences, so there are no misrepresentations or surprises. Matchmaking 2 a Tee uses your information and photos to develop your overall profile. We'll never share your identity, profile or private information without your consent. Everything you share with us is completely confidential. Once introductions are in order, we will use our event coordinating skills and schedule an interesting, creative date experience to take all the pressure and stress out of the first date. You just show up ready to have fun! Here is a TV interview we did recently.

We also offer additional services such as image consulting, a personal stylist/closet auditing, dating coaching, home evaluations, including feng shui in your home for health, wellness, love and happiness. Events, fun outings and other social gatherings will be offered as well.

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Testimonial #1

"We have been married 16 years and counting thanks to Tee! With her extensive network of friends, family and global acquaintances, coupled with her  uncanny ability to truly "get" people, she led me to Mr. Right!"

Kathy and Dave 

Testimonial #2

They are engaged as of 7-10-2018!!! "Lisa introduced us a year ago and we really couldn’t be happier. We connected right away and had a lot in common. We now live together and there has been no doubt since the day we met that we belong together. Thank you to Lisa for introducing us and knowing we would be great together!" 

Greg and Alicia

Testimonial #3

"Having been on the dating scene for almost twenty years in NYC/CT with no luck, it took Tee only a few minutes in her mental rolodex, a phone call, and the rest is history.  I’ve been married to my husband, Drum for five years now and we have two beautiful boys together.  Tee has a gift and we are forever grateful. Thank you Tee!"

Carlie and Drum


How do you match people?

We use a very advanced matchmaking and award winning software that applies the information into our database that you provide, in addition to us personally selecting matches for you. We analyze your criteria, and then start the process once your profile is matched in our system. The beauty of our operating program is that your identity is not exposed to the public and is only seen by us. We ask for a lot of information because the more knowledge we have of your likes and dislikes and pertinent data, the easier it will be for us to find you matches 2 a tee! Also, you can always add more photos and information on your profile page and update it regularly. It is very user friendly. 

How do you screen people?

After we collect all the information and photos, and someone seems to be a good match, we will then contact them to set up an interview. During this process, we find out more about them, and finally we tell them a little about you to make sure they’re a good match. If you agree, you will then receive more information on them and have the chance to say “yes” or “no” to meeting them. 

What does it cost?

The Social membership level allows you to be in our database for as long as you want and you will be notified when a good match comes up.  The upgraded levels, Platinum and Premium, will include us actively looking for good matches for you and communicating with you on a regular basis.  We will work very closely with you and spend a lot of time looking for your matches and will also search outside our network and with other matchmaking organizations if necessary. Many of our clients consist of working professionals and entrepreneurs who don’t have time to find a companion. For further info please contact us. 

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Privacy Policy

Matchmaking 2 a Tee follows strict privacy policies to safeguard the confidentiality of our members’ personal data. Upon joining members fill out a profile which includes confidential information. The staff uses this information to create appropriate social introductions between members. These introductions are based on each individuals’ interests, background, personality and expectations. Matchmaking 2 a Tee does not share this information with any other individual or body, either public or private. We do not sell our membership lists.

We provide a member’s contact information to another member only in the event that both individuals agree to share these details. In addition, Matchmaking 2 a Tee staff maintains discretion when contacting our members. Members of Matchmaking 2 a Tee can rest assured that we respect your confidentiality and we safeguard your privacy in every way possible.

The information that we collect is generally limited to personal information about you that you submit on the website. The personally identifiable information that may be collected includes: your name; address; email address; telephone number; information about your interests in and use of various products, programs, and services; and education level and interests.

Minors: Visitors under 21 years of age are not permitted to use and/or submit their personal information at the Website. Matchmaking 2 a Tee does not knowingly solicit or collect information from individuals under the age of 21.

By submitting the application form, I authorize Matchmaking 2 a Tee to send text messages to my cell phone to convey information in regards to their service or emails to my email address.